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We're just your friendly little production company that originated in Los Angeles around 2003 while educating ourselves in Cinema at LA City College. We then re-located it, and ourselves, back to Boston in 2006. Among our films are seven that have screened at festivals, four of which have won awards.

Our most heavily promoted and rewarded films have been Eddie's Winning Date, and I Just Want to Eat My Sandwich. We'd also like to note that our four award-winning films, (that also include Sally's Dream House and Jimmy's House of Hugs) have all won audience awards, sometimes even without our presence at these festivals to influence votes. From that we're concluding that people, at least some people, actually like and enjoy our films. So, maybe you will, too.

Please check back as we continue to work on this section of the site. For any casting or production updates, please go to our News section. And to learn about making our films, festivals and any other miscellaneous stuff, please check out Julia's blog and our Facebook page.


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