Jimmy's House of Hugs (the play)
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Jimmy's House of Hugs is a full length comedic play based on the short film of the same name.

Jimmy, a reformed ladies' man, has been living like a saint, as he comforts women at his hugging business with the help of his loyal staff. There's Teddy, the quintessential cuddler whom women love for a friend; Edwin, the southern singer who finds the job can be a test to his marriage; Paul, every woman’s gay best friend who makes his customers feel beautiful as he nurses his own spirit; and Tim, the awkward, walked-over guy who gets help from an unlikely source.

As Jimmy seeks to make both his customers and employees happy, he has trouble admitting that he may not be happy himself. Haunted by the memory of his ex-girlfriend, Margaret, Jimmy has avoided the dating world. And he makes sure his relationships with his customers stay purely on the professional side, as he does not want to hurt anyone by mixing business with pleasure.

But when Jimmy finds himself having feelings for one of his new customers, Christine, he must figure out if he not only can keep his vows of professionalism but if he can trust himself in a relationship again. Jimmy's staff encourages him to make a move on Christine, but Jimmy stalls -- and risks losing his chance with her.

Jimmy's House of Hugs is registered with the Writers Guild and currently in revisions. There are 28 roles written for about 15 actors, six men (late 20s to early 40s) and nine women (all ages). (Note that it is possible to do with fewer or more women.) For more information, please contact Julia at houseofhugsprod@yahoo.com.
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