Below are some of Julia's scripts. Only scripts that are completed or have completed drafts are listed. (Note -- this page is still in progress.)


Beat 'Em (comedy)
Needing a self-esteem boost, Kim finds help at a women's support group.
*Finalist in the 2012 Broad Humor Film Festival's screenplay competition.

Susan and the Company Picnic (comedy)
The company is out on their annual picnic and, despite her boss' and co-worker's pleas, Susan decides to stay behind to get work done without interruption. Or so she thinks.
*Finalist in the 2014 Houston Comedy Film Festival's short screenplay competition.
*Finalist in the 2011 Broad Humor Film Festival's screenplay competition.


Fragments (comedic drama)
Rita can't find her keys, she can't sort her mail, she can't meet the requirements of her job and she can't seem to get through the day without worrying about offending someone. Her boyfriend is fed up with her and wants to help. Rita must decide whether to let him in or let him go.

To Serve and Protect (comedic drama)
When Amy is stranded in a bus station overnight, Matt, a young Marine, swoops in to protect her. As Matt tries to woo Amy in a bubble, his dysfunctional friends and family pop up, and he finds himself to be the one in need of rescue.


Jimmy's House of Hugs (comedy)
A full length play about Jimmy and his hugging bordello. Please click here for more information.


Jimmy's House of Hugs (comedy)
And there's a pilot script, too.
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